The Association of Court Trainers was formed in 1992 to increase the effectiveness of training in the courts by pooling resources and expertise.  The Southern California trial court Administrators Association endorsed its formation.

The Northern California Branch of A.C.T. was formed in 2002, with the encouragement of the parent organization, to include trainers and training coordinators from courts of the 48 northern California counties in a more active role in the association.

There are no membership dues.


A.C.T. members are trainers and training managers from all levels of courts from the 58 counties of the California Trial Courts.

Members include full-time and part-time trainers, novice and experienced.

Active members are those who are associated with training related functions and who are employees of any local, state or federal court or Administrative Office of the Courts.


A.C.T.’s benefits include:

1) Ongoing training to support professional development
2) A mentorship program pairing new and experienced trainers
3) Resource sharing
4) A network of supportive colleagues


Membership is free and open to anyone training in a California Court.