2nd Quarter Super Collaborators!

Introducing the 2nd Quarter Super Collaborators!

Following members of ACT have shown their expertise and professionalism by providing helpful resources for web questionnaires regarding the court-related topics.  We thank you for your contribution and dedication!  You are the 2nd Quarter Super Collaborators!

“Collaboration is MULTIPLICATION.” -John C. Maxwell
  • Jessica S.
  • Fen-Ru C.
  • Aliyah H.
  • Linda

(Personality Test) ACT Workshop Preview 06/23/17

You have a minute?

Please take either one (or both) of the free personality test(s) BEFORE the ACT Workshop on 6-23-17.  These are instantly scored.  Remember to bring your scores to the ACT Workshop.
At the meeting you will discover more about the different categories and how to leverage them in the workplace.


It’s not too late to register for upcoming ACT Workshop!

New ACT Secretary: Anita Maldonado – Riverside County

We are very pleased to share with you the appointment of Anita Maldonado as new ACT Secretary succeeding Tamara Comfort, who previously held this position.  Anita will begin her assignment immediately and continue for next two calendar years pursuant to Article VI of the ACT’s bylaw.  Anita is currently working as a Technical Training Specialist in Criminal / Traffic Division for Riverside County Superior Court.

Article VI, Section 3, explains the duties of a Secretary as follows: 

  • The secretary shall be ex-officio member of the standing committees
  • Keep minutes of the Association
  • Have charge of all records pertaining to the Association
  • The secretary shall develop, with input from the president, agendas for each meeting
  • Distribute both the agendas and minutes to A.C.T. members and affiliated associations

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