Message from Sarah Watson (ACT Member, LA County):

“I am traveling to Monterey as a guest facilitator leading a class called “Managing Challenging Employees”.   I am excited about the opportunity but am looking for suggestions.  I inherited the course and it has three activities that are very similar: working through challenging employee scenarios.  I added an assessment and activity for personality styles and introduction exercise (ice breaker). This course is for 30 managers and supervisors. Do you have any suggestions for alternative activities?  This will be my first time leading this course.  Thank you so much for the input.”

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2 thoughts on “SHARE Your Ideas

  1. how long is the class? I used Family Feud game as ice breaker before and it was fun. It gave you a chance to give each participants one-on-one time and also let them introduce themselves in a less stressful way. The drawback is the game does take a bit time to play. If you have a large class, it may eat into your class time. Another game is get a bag of candies with various color, designate a question that the participant has to answer about him/herself for each color. In the beginning of class, pass around the candies and ask them to pick one from the bag, and ask them to answer the question you designate. For example, red candy – tell us something you like to do when you are not at work, pink – tell us what car you drive now and what car you want to get in the future, blue – wild card, tell us anything you want to share…
    Since your course is about challenge, how about come up with 4 scenario of getting your kids ready for school in the morning, and in each scenario, throw in a challenging situation and ask them to problem-solve it?
    Richard Augustine has a lot of ice breaker game. Hopefully he will chime in 🙂

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